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With the holiday season in full swing and people coming to visit for a social gathering or as an overnight guest, your plumbing will be stressed from usage. To avoid overwhelming it, we have tips to get you through the holiday season.

10 Plumbing Tips for the Holidays

Tip #1: Do an inspection of your plumbing.

Go around your house to verify that everything is in working order. Look under sinks and around plumbing appliances to verify pipes, tubes, etc. are free from drips and are not damaged.

Tip #2: Make any necessary plumbing repairs.

Don’t think you can get by without fixing a leak until after the holidays. A small leak can quickly turn into a big one. Murphy’s Law states that when something can go wrong it will and at the worst possible time.

Tip #3: Use safe cleaners to clean your drains before visitors arrive.

When it comes to your drains, do more than clean the surfaces. You want to be confident your drains are clear of clogs and work properly. There are many safe drain cleaners on the market or you can pour a mixture of hot water and white vinegar down them.

Tip #4: Remove rings around the toilet bowl with a pumice stone or emery cloth.

We know you want everything to be shiny and clean. But regular cleaners won’t remove the rings around the toilet. They are the result of minerals in hard water reacting with your cleansers. Gently use the pumice stone to scrape off the mineral deposits. Or you can lower the water level, sprinkle on a cleanser such as Barkeepers Friend or Zud, leave it on per the directions, and then use the Emery cloth to remove the rings.

Tip #5: Give an extra cleaning boost for tough smells.

You know if there is a lingering sewage smell from a toilet or drain cleaner. Give it a repeat cleaning a few times or add baking soda to the sink with hot water and then white vinegar for an extra cleaning boost. If that doesn’t help remove the odor, you could have a bigger problem that can turn into a backup. Contact your local plumber for help.

Tip #6: Drain the sediments from your water heater.

This should be done with your water heater maintenance at least annually but if it hasn’t been done in a while, it’s an easy task. As sediments accumulate they can make some weird noises, especially when put under pressure with increased use. And you don’t want a problem with your hot water while you have holiday guests in town.

Tip #7: Wipe you shower doors and fixtures after use.

Soap scum and water spots occur from hard water reacting with your cleansers. Now that you’ve spent the time cleaning, wiping away the water after each use will help reduce the reactions and keep your shower doors and fixtures clean and shiny.

Tip #8: Leave a clean trash receptacle in the bathroom.

This is a polite way to remind your visitors that the toilet should not be used for trash. You can also leave a note asking them not to flush personal items and waste. And if you really want to make it clear, include a list of items not to flush in your note.

Tip #9: Close the bathroom door.

When there are young children in the house, you don’t always know what to expect. Too often, the young ones think it is a game to make a dash to flush an object down the toilet. You want to be prepared for this with a watchful eye and a closed bathroom door.

Tip #10: Add freshers in convenient areas around the house.

A plugin with a nice scent works well in the bathroom. Placing a can of Lysol spray in an easy to see but not so obvious location can also help someone from being embarrassed when they leave the bathroom. Also adding lemon juice and ice in your disposal right before visitors arrive can help freshen up the garbage disposal. Just make sure not to put the lemon peel in the disposal.

To avoid overwhelming your plumbing this holiday season, we can provide service and repairs. And as a bonus tip: include High Priority Plumbing’s contact number in a handy location for emergency plumbing services. To reach us, call our Atlanta location at 770.860.8110 or our Savannah location at 912.373.7707. Happy Holidays!