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So, you’re planning on renovating your kitchen or bathroom. Your plan is to do it yourself. That is great. Renovating a kitchen or bathroom can help increase the value of your home. By doing the work yourself, you could save quite a bit of money. Or you could be making a very costly decision. If your renovation plans for a new kitchen, bathroom or other area in the house involves plumbing, you could encounter problems that force your budget out of control and cause damage to your home.

Fixing a toilet bowl handle or replacing a shower head are easy while complex plumbing tasks require more skill and sometimes specialized equipment. A homeowner that tries to do the plumbing portion of a renovation project himself can be ignorant of important steps and tips that are automatic to an expert. When steps are skipped or tips are not known, a project can take longer and the result can be below expectations. And all too frequently, problems accumulate that cause the project to become overwhelming and disastrous.

What can go wrong with the plumbing when renovating?

Understanding what could happen with the plumbing can help you to avoid a disastrous renovation. Here are 3 things that can significantly affect your project:

Relocating the lines

One of the reasons to renovate a kitchen is because you don’t like the layout. So you might plan to tear down some walls or move the location of appliances such as the refrigerator, dishwasher or stove. You might also want to add an island with a sink. You have the perfect idea for a convenient kitchen layout. The problem: you might not have taken into consideration where the plumbing is located.

Your new layout needs to be designed with the plumbing in mind. Placing fixtures away from existing hot water lines can be especially problematic and costly. Therefore, don’t plan on moving your plumbing system. Plan to place sinks and appliances in the same locations.

Measuring size and space

If you are renovating a bathroom you might be looking to have a separate tub and walk-in shower. A bigger jet tub is a popular upgrade. A “his and her” vanity can help make mornings that much easier when you share a bathroom. The problem: your space is already going to be tight.

You want to double check all your measurements against the size of your appliances and countertop before you place the orders. In addition to the bulkiness of your tub, glass shower and countertop, these will be heavy. Plan out your design to verify everything fits. And before finalizing your order, consider the room you have to maneuver around with the help of others. Think about the order you install each piece compared to how much space you have.

Designing for function

You might be very excited to have your kitchen or bathroom renovated. Maybe you enjoy the experience of shopping for your appliances, tiles and accessories. The problem is that you could get carried away with all the options.

It is important to remember who you are designing your bathroom for. If you have children, look at child-friendly faucets and shower heads that can be placed lower for easy reach. If a senior citizen will be using your bathroom, wider spacing may be needed for easier mobility. Also, look at walk-in showers, railings and other features for seniors. Having energy efficient appliances and the proper waterproofing are other factors you want to plan for.

Planning for the Unexpected

As with any project, things can go wrong. And when you are dealing with plumbing, problems are not always visible. These problems can be numerous – from corroded piping to leaks to mold and more. The more extensive your renovation and the older the home, the higher your probability is of coming across bigger plumbing problems. Even when you do all your research to make sure you are doing everything right, you don’t know what you will find when you pull out fixtures and tear down walls. Issues can occur from poor connections of plumbing fixtures and vents to improper sloping of tile and to lack of waterproofing.

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