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Have you noticed black spots growing on your bathroom ceiling? Is there a layer of green forming around the bathtub? What about grey furry things between the tiles? If you are experiencing any of these, than you have mold in your bathroom. No one likes admitting they have a moldy bathroom, but don’t worry! Our affordable Savannah plumber is here to help you understand not only what mold is, but how you can effectively get rid of it!

What is Mold?

Mold is a fungus that requires certain conditions to grow, and the bad news is that most homes have these conditions. However, the good news is that you can take certain preventive measures to keep this from happening in your home! Mold needs oxygen, food (anything from the drywall in your home to the cotton of your bath towels), a dark environment (hard to avoid unless you keep your lights on at all times), and warmth (hot showers/baths).

Looking at this list, you might think that avoiding mold is going to be impossible, but there is another factor needed to cultivate mold, one that you can control. In order for mold to grow there must be humidity and moisture. If you eliminate the humidity you can eliminate the mold.

Preventing Mold

The first step in preventing mold is being sure you have proper ventilation. Most bathrooms have a ventilation fan, so if yours does be sure to utilize it. Ventilation fans will suck the moisture in the air out, leaving your bathroom moisture free. If you don’t have a ventilation fan, you can install one or buy a free standing one. If a ventilation fan is not a viable option for you then be sure to take advantage of natural ventilation. You can naturally ventilate your bathroom by leaving open a door or window to allow a natural flow of air.

A dehumidifier is another option for decreasing the moisture in your bathroom. Dehumidifiers are often inexpensive and do not require any installation. One thing to be aware of though is that mold needs a little as 55% humidity to grow, so be sure that you set your dehumidifier to below that threshold.

There are small measures you can take to help prevent mold in your bathroom as well. For example you can be sure that towels or clothing left in the bathroom dry out completely and that you cleanup as much water as possible after bathing or showering. Cleaning up the excess water before it has a chance to evaporate can help decrease the moisture in the air of your bathroom.

Mold Treatment

If you already have mold don’t fear! You can get rid of mold in two simple steps. First, you will need a strong scrubbing brush to remove visible mold from surfaces. You can use a toothbrush to scrub away the mold in more narrow and hard to reach places. The second step would be to use a solution of vinegar and water or bleach and water to kill off any remaining mold spores that are invisible to the eye.

Contact Your Statesboro Plumber

If you are experiencing plumbing issues leading to mold or are interested in more general plumbing tips and tricks be sure to contact one of our Statesboro plumbers. Mold, while easily preventable, can become a problem for many. If you are experiencing trouble with mold or too much moisture in your bathroom then contact one of your Savannah plumbers at 912.373.7707 today!