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The toilet is one of the fixtures in your home that seems like it is indestructible. While it can last for decades, it can also be damaged. Depending on the extent of the damage, it might need to be replaced. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid to prevent damaging your toilet.

Be careful what you flush!

It might seem that we are always mentioning about flushing the wrong items down the toilet. It’s a common problem. The rule of thumb is to flush only human waste and a few sheets of toilet paper. Flushing too much paper or using the toilet as a trash receptacle can clog it. While clogs in the line are most common, the siphon at the bottom of the bowl can clog and the siphon jets can break. And theoretically with any clog, too much pressure can weaken the siphon area and cause it to crack.

Don’t use abrasives when cleaning.

When rings from minerals stain the toilet, the common mistake is to use an abrasive or harsh chemical. But these can scratch your bowl. Wire brushes or one where the bristles have worn to the metal can also cause scratches. Then, you won’t be able to keep it cleaned or remove the scratches. It’s better to use a plastic brush that won’t scratch.

Don’t stand, lean, or climb on it.

Your toilet should not be used as a ladder or object to sit, stand, lean or climb on. It is not designed to handle a lot of weight. The porcelain could easily crack and cause serious injury if you were to slip and fall. Piling too much weight on top of the tank lid can also be problematic.

Keep up with regular maintenance.

Your toilet can be a sturdy and solid fixture when maintained. But if you neglect the maintenance, your bolts can get rusted, fittings loosen, and components break. When performing maintenance, use a penetrating lubricant to loosen fittings and don’t over tighten bolts. Any parts that create too much pressure when tightened or loosened can cause cracks to form.

Be careful when using tools on or near the toilet.

Using a hammer to break a fitting is a bad idea. In fact, you should take care using any tools on or near the toilet. A dropped tool or missed swing of a hammer could crack or break the porcelain, causing irreparable damage.

The components in the tank and the seat may periodically need to be replaced but when you take care of your toilet, it will last for decades. To help with maintenance, call High Priority Plumbing to handle clogs, install new toilets, and make repairs. We can be reached 24/7 at 770.860.8110 in Atlanta or 912.373.7707 in Savannah.