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You might assume that since you are not a plumber, you do not have the skill or knowledge it takes to avoid some plumbing disasters at your home throughout your life. Our Savannah plumbers are here to tell you that by following a few simple steps, you’ll be on your way to smooth sailing when it comes to the plumbing in your house! Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t flush wipes down the toilet. We know it can be tempting to flush a wipe down the toilet after it has been used, considering the mess it was used to clean up. The truth is, all wipes will do is stop up your plumbing. They even have the potential of clogging your septic system which could be an expensive mistake to make. Even the wipes that claim to be “flushable” or “disposable” could cause some major issues for you plumbing system. It’s safer to just toss those in the trash can. The wipes do not biodegrade or break down easily, and that’s where the real problem lies.
  • Don’t put grease or fats down the garbage disposal or sink. As you use fats, greases, and oils while you cook, they are probably in a liquid form, but as that liquid begins to cool, it turns into a solid substance. That solid substance could cool down in your drains or garbage disposal and cause it to back up. The combination of grease and other substances in your drain could also create a buildup that will cause a problem for your pipes that could potentially cause some serious damage to them.
  • Don’t put chicken (or any other) bones in your disposal or sink. You might have heard the old wives tail that putting bones down your disposal could sharpen the blades. Never put bones down you disposal! The bones will only dull the blades and if the do manage to make it past the blades, they will only clog up the rest of your drain. They don’t stand a chance of actually making it all the way through your disposal. The only type of bones that could potentially be okay in your disposal are fish bones, but even then, if you can throw them away, that’s the way to go!
  • No eggs shells down your sink or disposal. This one is often up for debate because some people will say they are safe to go down your drain or disposal. We are of the opinion that if you can throw them out of compost them, you should do it! You’ve probably noticed the membrane inside the egg shell that is there when you crack an egg. When you put an egg in your disposal, that thin membrane can get wrapped around your blades, causing a huge issue.
  • Run ice or lemon juice through your garbage disposal once a week. Did you know you can use ice cubes to keep your garbage disposal clean? The main reason to clear your disposal with ice cubes it because it helps eliminate any odors that it could be creating. The ice cubes could potentially sharpen your disposal blades, as well! Another way to keep your disposal smelling fresh is to use citrus fruit as the acid in the fruit can help to eliminate any unwanted odor. In addition to helping with stinky smells, ice helps remove any food particles that might have gotten caught in the blades of your disposal. A final trick you could use to help you keep your disposal clean is to use rock salt.

With these simple tips and tricks, you can easily avoid a plumbing nightmare in your home. However, in the case of a plumbing emergency, our plumbers in Savannah are here to save the day! If you are interested in more of our plumbing hacks and services, please give us a call at (912) 373-770