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One of the biggest and easiest mistakes a person could make that has the potential to create a real emergency plumbing situation is to put something down a drain that doesn’t belong there. Our Savannah plumbing services are here to help in the event of a catastrophe, but here are a few things to avoid in the meantime.

Kitchen Protocol

When it comes to the plumbing in your kitchen, it’s very easy to forget what goes where, and what substances are acceptable for disposal in your drains. The biggest no-no in your kitchen is undoubtedly grease down your kitchen sink. Others fats and oils should join grease on the list of things that should never go down the drain in your kitchen. Garbage disposals also do not handle these substances well. Imagine the way a pan of grease solidifies after it cools. That’s not going to do well in your drain! It is best to wait until hot grease cools and solidifies to dispose of it, and the best place to dispose of it is in your regular garbage. Putting grease down the drain could result in a backup – even into your yard! Nobody wants that. Coffee grounds and eggshells are a few other things that should never go down your kitchen drain. These particles combined with grease, oils, and fats, could create a deadly combination in your drain.

Bathroom Protocol

There are several things that are unacceptable to be disposed of in your bathroom sink, shower drain, or toilet. The most likely culprit for a clogged bathroom drain is hair. Everyone has it and it gets everywhere. When hair gets in your shower drain and combines with soap scum, it can create a build up that over time creates a real problem. Any easy way to prevent this problem is to fit your tubs with strainers that will catch the hair, and to remember to remove the hair regularly. Other things that could cause problems for the drains or toilets in your bathroom include wet wipes, paper towels, feminine products, dental floss, Q-tips, and floss picks. The only thing that belong down your toilet are human waste and toilet paper. Follow these simple rules and it will be smooth sailing in your plumbing – literally!

It’s important to know what can and cannot be disposed of in your drains and toilets because if you don’t, you’ll quickly have a mess on your hands! Once you have these few tips and tricks nailed down, it will be smooth sailing. Not to worry if you slip up though – our plumber in Savannah is here to save the day! If you are interested in more of our plumbing hacks and services, please give us a call at (912) 373-7707.