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Are you having a busy holiday season? Soon guests will be arriving and you’ll need to be ready to entertain. While you might be thinking about cleaning, shopping and holiday parties, don’t forget about the plumbing!

Holidays bring guests and that can put extra stress on your plumbing. You are doing so much to make the holidays special that you don’t want to have it spoiled by a nasty water leak or sewer backup due to a stressed system. Here are a few plumbing tips to help keep your holidays joyful.

Plumbing Tips in the Kitchen

No doubt you’ll have a busy kitchen if you are preparing big holiday meals. There will be a lot of food and a lot of grease. Be careful to dispose of these properly so as not to get clogged drains or a damaged disposal. Here are some tips that can help prevent a plumbing disaster in the kitchen:

  •       Stay in command. With guests willing to help with the preparations and the cleanup, a lot of the wrong food waste and grease can accidentally get into the kitchen drain or disposer. Fats, oils, bones, stringing or fibrous foods, and peels are some of the wastes that can damage your disposal.
  •       Don’t let too much waste go into the disposal at once. Large masses of waste can clog it. Also, don’t add waste that clumps together such as grinds and shells. To avoid overloading your disposal, turn it on to clean out the mechanism before adding more food waste and only add small amounts at a time.
  •       Once you have finished cleaning up after a holiday meal, run cold water down the drain to help clear the line. Run the garbage disposal with some ice cubes and lemon to help clear it and remove lingering odors.
  •       Wait to turn on the dishwasher until guests have left or during off times when other plumbing appliances aren’t being used.

Plumbing Tips in the Bathroom

With holiday guests staying overnight, that means extra showers and baths and many more toilet flushes. The overload could be enough to clog drains and create a plumbing emergency. To avoid a potential disaster, here are some tips in the bathroom:

  •       Advanced planning is key. Pipes clog because of a gradual buildup of grease, hair, and soap. To prevent clogs, do a good cleaning with a drain cleaner or white vinegar and hot water mixture that will help clean drains before guests arrive.
  •       Place a wastebasket and a note in the bathroom to discourage guests from throwing trash down the toilet. It can only handle human waste and small amounts of toilet paper.
  •       Place extra hand towels for guests to use instead of paper towels. You don’t want paper towels in the bathroom at all because they could potentially be flushed and wind up clogging the toilet.
  •       Repair any leaking faucets. Guests will try funny ways to get a drip to stop and that could spell trouble when the faucet breaks.
  •       Ensure you have enough hot water for your regular household and the addition of guests. The best way to ensure no one runs out of hot water is to space out the times people shower or bathe. This will give the hot water tank enough time to heat up between uses.

Plumbing Tips in the Laundry Room

Even if your holiday guests aren’t doing the laundry at your house, you might have extra loads from the kids being on break. They will play and get dirty quick. The extra loads could be enough to overload your plumbing. Here are some tips in the laundry room:

  •       Run the washing machine at night or during off times to conserve hot water and maintain adequate water pressure for your guests.
  •       Wait to wash until you have a full load. This will help minimize the number of loads you need to do. And with your plumbing already strained enough with overuse, you don’t want to burden it more with many small loads.

Prevention is always best when it comes to your plumbing. But with the added stress on your system, emergencies can happen. In case of an emergency, High Priority Plumbing has experienced and qualified plumbers available 24/7. We can be contacted at 770.860.8110 in Atlanta or 912.373.7707 in Savannah.