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There is a smell in the bathroom and it seems to be coming from the drains. It is a sewage odor that could be a sign of something more sinister like blockage. Sewer line blockage is one of the most common plumbing problems.

Stop Using the Sewer

With awareness you might start to notice other signs like water leaking or slow drainage. Now that you are aware, you want to correct the problem quickly. Before you do anything, shut off all water in the house. It is too often that when a sewer line is clogged, multiple appliances and fixtures are involved. Don’t use anything that adds to the sewer system until you can isolate the problem and fix it. This includes not using the toilet, sinks and other appliances like your garbage disposal, dishwasher or washing machine.

Use Drain Cleaners

When the problem is caught early the best fix is to use cleaners to clear the drain. You can use a store bought drain cleaner or make your own by mixing vinegar and hot water. Adding baking soda into the drain prior to pouring down your vinegar and hot water mixture can help with an extra cleaning boost to break apart waste buildup. Both cleaners and plungers can be effective when clogs are relatively close to the drain. But sometimes clogs need more.

Check other Areas

Your sewer is a connection of lines that run to different areas of your residence or business. Multiple appliances or fixtures could be affected so be careful. Pay attention to lingering or strong odors that might come from other drains. Take notice of any strange reactions coming from your fixtures. You might observe a backup in the tub or shower after you flush the toilet. Bubbles coming up in the toilet after using the sink can also show a connection to a deeper sewer line problem. Any information is helpful to provide your local plumber for fast and thorough repairs.

Call the Experts for Backups

Ignoring the problem can cause an unsightly and foul smelling backup. A different approach is needed when you already have a backup or strong odor in your drains. Sewage is full of nasties. It contains chemicals and bacteria that can be harmful to everyone. And that doesn’t just include the liquid sewage. You are smelling volatiles and bacteria which get into the air. Close off the area and keep adults, kids and pets away until you can correct the problem.

Because of the harm of sewage waste, a backup is not a problem that you should handle yourself. Call a plumbing expert immediately. Your local plumber can provide more effective approaches to clear the drains using a mechanical snake, air burst drain cleaner, or a jetter. Plumbers such as High Priority Plumbing have camera equipment that can view inside your sewer to locate the clog and determine the best way to fix the problem.

To fix a clog or backup in your sewer, call High Priority Plumbing in Savannah at 912.373.7707. We are available 24/7 for when you have an emergency.